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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Drum Roll Please............

Thank you everyone for your input. I had a few people comment on Face book also. Your input still helped with my ultimate decision but as usual, things changed. First thing you have to remember about me is.........................Nothing ever goes as I plan. Nothing! I have had friends and coworkers say I should write a book all about my life because nothing seems to come easy. Not even when ordering damn, I mean darn bento box and supplies.

Well it all started :) when I made my choices last night. I was all excited. Stayed up late reading all the features about each choice I was about to make. Debated on the two boxes. Looked at all the accessories and thought what do I really "need" and what can I wait on. I imagined cutting out cute little sandwiches for LL. Artistically arranging beautifully cut vegetables and so on. Soooo excited and I actually thought I made good choices. Then I pressed "go to checkout" and set up all the info. It then calculated the shipping from Japan. ALMOST $40.00. In addition to the cost of the items. Now I don't know if I am stupid, naive, or chemo brained but I never took into consideration the shipping from Japan. Not once did I even think about it.

So back to the drawing board. My goal was to still buy a Bento from Japan and get a few accessories to make more creative bentos. So I finally found a bento just like the first one. It is sold here the U.S. so the shipping is reasonable but was made in Japan. I like it better then the first one because it has a design on top and also comes with a bag for about the same price. Here it is.

It can be Microwaved and put in the dishwasher which a couple of you pointed out would be important for you.

So with the big decision made, I decided to take Kuusou's advice, (read last posts comments) and look for accessories elsewhere first. LL needed to go to the home improvement store in Salem and since my "digestion" was doing fine, I had him drop me off at the craft store right next to Lowes. I also got a couple things at our local Hi-school pharmacy/Ace hardware.

These cookie cut outs are the perfect size for small sandwiches and cheese. It comes with a matching top so when used gives the cutout more detail. There is a dozen of the plus the tops which makes 24 cutters.

This is every thing else I bought. I took Kuusou's advice and got the vegetable cutouts in the cake fondant area. I got the punchers for nori. I even got an exacto knife which wasn't on my on-line order. I got 3 times the amount of silicone cups. But get this. I got all the accessories for less than what the shipping was going to cost. No REALLY!! The only thing I didn't find or get is the punchers for the faces. I will wait for those and just cut them by hand for now.

Thanks everyone for your input. I have a few Bento pictures stacking up to show you but am looking forward to making new ones with all these fun things. BTW LL was actually happy for me and giggled himself when I told him how pretty his lunches will be. He really is a patient man where I am concerned.


Kuusou said...

What a great haul! :) Aren't craft stores great?

The bento box you have chosen is the same as one I have for Waffle Boy. It is a really nice box.

I don't know from where you purchased your box but here are a few of my favorite stateside resources:

Have fun with your new box and goodies!

KJ's Restart Button said...

Kuusou, I will check those sites out. Thanks for your guidance.

Renee said...

I'm glad you're happy with what you got! Sorry the perfect set didn't work out, though.