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Sunday, May 30, 2010

God's Precious Flower

This Poem might not be "politically correct" anymore. But I still love it. I do not know who to credit writing it to. It is fitting because my Dad always said people like Kathy, my sister, and Max, my son, are Gods precious flower.

God's children are the little ones
Who will forever dwell
Where childhood glows with golden suns
And moonlight miracles.
These children cannot leave the walls
Of infancy to grow
Into adulthood's marble halls
Where other children go.
Like angels on this earth they stay,
The beautiful and odd,
From heaven just a step away,
And very close to God.

God and I have had many conversations about why some in this life are born without a fair shake. Never to have the choices most typical people have. Yes, we could talk about original sin, or 7 generations of trials. But those arguments are not helpful to a mother when she has a lifetime to grieve for the unjust challenges her child faces. I have yelled at God. I have tried to bargain with God. I have accepted what I do not understand. Frankly, my Sis and Son are wonderful people who, for my own sake, I wouldn't want to change. Because to take away their challenges would probably make them different people. But for their sakes, I can honestly say I wish they would have been born "typical". I warn God everyday that he has some explaining to do when I go home to him. But until then, I just accept. Somethings will never be revealed in this life.

On May 24, my oldest sibling turned 57. Kathy was my Dads precious flower from God. Yesterday, my mom and Kathy's siblings celebrated her birthday. Here is some pictures.

The Birthday Girl! Kathy Arlynn

Kathy and my mother
David, Kathy and Doug
I know just how she feels. My brothers always make me feel the same way:)

Us four girls. Look how happy we are. We knew cake was on it's way.
Kris, Kathy, Karen, and me
Just wish my Dad was here to be in this picture. I think the only person that misses him more than me is Kathy.
We are a loud, high strung family. We fight hard, laugh hard and love hard.
Have a joyful Sunday,
P.S. Delta Dawn is Kathy's favorite song.

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Renee said...

I think your feelings are completely understandable. We never like to see those we love struggle, and disabilities, in whatever form, cause a struggle. You're wishing for easier lives for your sister and son, not for them to be different people.

Thank goodness they were both born into loving families.