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Friday, May 21, 2010

No TV-Days 26, 27, 28, 29, and 30

I know, I KNOW! I really am not done with the 30 days until this day is over. But I know I will not blow it today because 1. I'm not really missing the TV and 2. After 29 days that would be really stupid, now wouldn't it:). I wanted to post this now because my weekend blogging is more sporadic.
The first 3 or 4 days of no TV was hard, I'm not gonna lie. It was hard mainly because having the TV on was just a habit. Those first few days I had to stop myself from just automatically turning the darn thing on. Weekends, even though their busier, tended to be more difficult because the rest of the family would turn it on to watch something and would tend to just leave it on. But it got easier. In fact, until the last couple days, I haven't missed the TV at all. I read more, baked more, researched organic gardening, gardened and visited with family and friends more. All very healthy and enriching activities for me. What has been hard this week without the TV is that physically I am not well and even though I can read and blog a lot, TV is one way to pass the time when I am not up for anything else.
I have decided to try to only watch 2 or 3 shows on a regular basis every week and then mainly watch when it is a good special or a movie. This will help me keep up with this healthier relationship I now have with the boob tube.
So with all that said, guess what I am doing today. Shopping for a BENTO!!!!! You might have forgotten that part of my 30 day challenge. I have not forgotten. I have already looked to see if the one I want is still available.
Remember this.........................
It's a beauty isn't it? Well it is sold out. I will look at other sites to see if it is sold elsewhere, if not I need to pick a new one. I am also going to get a little bit of accessories to go with it. Like a face puncher, egg mold and rice mold. I know, LL will be humiliated but I can't help myself.

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