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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Back to abnormal

*HEADS UP* THIS IS MY 100TH POST!! Thank you, Thank you very much. (I say in my best Elvis voice).

With the party over, Monday I had a lot to do. But first I needed to make a lunch for LL with all the left overs. Left overs will be used for two or three days. So no cute and creative bentos cuz I just don't have it in me.

Hamburger on bun, two hot dog octopus, baked beans, pasta salad, potato salad and watermelon and strawberry.
Loaded up tables, chairs, etc. and Bailey and I delivered them back to where we borrowed them. The back yard looked back to normal.
Tuesday I decided to make LL's lunch in my new bento. I was not creative. Just used left overs but I love this container!!
Pasta salad, green salad with ranch dressing, strawberry shortcake(not pictured)
I felt pretty good this morning so I checked out my garden. The slugs are getting to my cucumbers so I am buckling and using traditional slug bait. I can't stand the thought of yet again losing my cucumber plants.
My ladies have been neglected so I cleaned their nests a bit. Talked to them, and then gave them scratch.

Yet again, Hannah and Harriet gang up on Henrietta. So I scold them and the two decide to stalk off into their chicken door. But Henrietta is not the sharpest tool in the shed and she left too. She could of had all the scratch to herself. Seriously need to get the girl therapy.
I did walk to the library with Bailey but my "digestion" acted up while in a store so we almost ran home and I was "busy" all afternoon.
This evening right before I started writing this, the rain started up AGAIN.
But I took the time to snap this last picture so you could see the sight just a few minutes ago outside my bedroom window. WOW!


Kuusou said...

Tasty looking bentos! I love the picture of the rainbow at the end of your post...very nice picture. :)

Mrs. Mac said...

Lovely party and graduation. I popped over from Down to Earth ... May God lead you in peace and give you comfort as you deal with your cancer.

Roasted Garlicious said...

lovely pics and to hear Israel Kamakawiwoole singing Somewhere Over The Rainbow just makes my morning.. hadn't heard him in ages! thank you for sharing your journey.. blessings