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Monday, June 14, 2010

Cancer Monster

I did not want this to be a "cancer blog". The last thing I wanted to do is write everyday about a horrible disease that doesn't deserve the time or energy of anyone's life. But even if I could try not to think about how it has affected my body and mind, it persists in taking people I care about. So I end up thinking about it and writing about it much more often then I would like.

Today was my cousin's funeral. I wrote about her on Friday. This morning I found out that someone I have gotten to know over the last couple years, passed away on Saturday. I hadn't talked to her in a few weeks and I did not know her cancer had even come back.

I know there are many forms of cancer and the prognosis is different for each person, but boy I haven't heard too many people beating this disease lately. I can't say I am worried, I have learned worrying and losing sleep doesn't change anything. But the doctors are big about telling you between check-ups to go and live your life. It is a lot easier said than done when a person is reminded on a constant basis.

I do have a few people I know who have succeeded in beating this disease, but not many and not lately.

Well tomorrow is a new day and hopefully I will be writing a more upbeat post:)

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