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Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I find that my new lifestyle of involuntary hermitage has a very significant risk to it. Self absorption. Because I spend most my time at home, I am very tuned into my husband and children. Because of news, books, and Internet, I am very tuned into the world happenings. But the in between is somewhat lacking. I have an example.

We have had rain going on 3 weeks almost nonstop. I have complained several times on this blog about it. In books and researching, I know how much our environment is changing and how it is affecting other parts of the world. And in my life, my cucumbers are ruined, my garden is not growing, my chickens are not producing as much eggs, and I can't get the place ready for my daughters graduation party that is to take place in a week and a half. I am frustrated.

But around 2:30 this morning I woke up suddenly, thinking. Sometimes I do this when I have a worry. Sometimes this happens when God wants my attention. I woke up hearing the downpour on our roof. My thoughts were not on climate change, or on Konnie's world. I immediately thought of all those around me in my local area that make their living off the land. My brother is one of them, my aunt, my uncle, cousins, friends and neighbors. This is not just an inconvenience to them. This is becoming devastating.

I have been praying for weeks now for the people on the gulf. Yes the animals, water and vegetation. But mostly for the people who's livelihood is at risk. But I have not said a single prayer for my local farmers. Because I am not out and about, I talk less with people who live around me. I even go to my mother's less so I haven't heard much about how the family is fairing. I have become more self-absorbed, and I think that is what God wanted me to remember. So as I go along with my day. I am sending out prayers for the people on the Gulf AND the people in the northwest. Willamette Valley in particular. If you feel also led, please pray or send good thoughts. Below is a sample of what I have been staring at for 3 weeks and I have been caught out in it a few times on my bike. My pants were literally dripping within 30 seconds of the downpour.

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Anonymous said...

You are so right Konnie, Thank You for reminding me about others plights. I have just been worried about my little garden and flowers. It is nothing compared to the poor people in our lives that work in the outdoors farming, construction and others... Thanks, Karen