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Monday, July 26, 2010

The Choice is Yours

I have been thinking about a post I am about to write on another blog I am a member of, along with other ladies. As I want to get to know them better and my subject is books, instead of reviewing a recent read, I thought I would pose a question to get to know the others better.

While thinking about this, I found myself thinking of all the other questions that might give insight to another person. So I decided to list a few. I would love it if some of you that never comment will take the time to answer. I know some are having a hard time figuring out the process of commenting. Hopefully some adjustments I made will make it easier. So here it goes.

1. Beatles or The Rolling Stones

2. Ginger or Maryanne

3. Rod Stewart or David Bowie

4. Team Edward or Team Jacob

5. Best Foods Mayo or Miracle Whip

6. Coke or Pepsi

7. Mrs. Buttersworth or Log Cabin

8. Camping or Hoteling

9. Cat person or Dog person

10. John or Paul or George or Ringo


Konnie said...

I thought I should start.
1. Beatles
2. Maryanne
3. David Bowie
4. I have never seen Twilight but still I am leaning towards Team Jacob
5. Miracle Whip
6. Pepsi
7. Log Cabin
8. Camping
9. Dog
10. This is a tough one. I have always love George most but Johns music was my favorite:)
So that's the way I roll

angela said...

1. beatles
2. Maryanne
3. Rod Stewart
4. Team Jacob
5. Dont know we dont have them here, but if I have to choose, Miriacle whip sound interesting.
6. Coke
7. Log Cabin
9. Cat
10. John Lennon

Thanks for your nice comments about Leanne.
Oh and where are you going for vacation

Leanne said...

1. The Rolling Stones

2. Ginger

3. David Bowie

4. Team Edward (only read 1 book that was enough)

5. Don't know these

6. Coke for sure!

7. Log Cabin

8. Hoteling I need electric blanket,hot water, clean toilets and a comfy bed,

9. Cat person

10. George Harrison

Oh my has that been too revealing???

Enjoy your holiday

Lynda said...

OK Connie... here goes:

1) Beatles
2) Maryanne
3) David Bowie
4) Team Edward (there's something about vampires!!!)
5) Miracle Whip
6) Pepsi
7) Log Cabin
8) Camping (in a tent, at Forest Service)
9) Dogs
10) Paul, but who doesn't love them all, esp Ringo at an older age!

Enjoy your camping trip!

Lynda said...

Sorry, I spelled your name wrong... Konnie. My sister is Connie.

katie said...



3-David Bowie

4-Team Jacob for sure sure

5-Miracle whip for the tangy zip!


7-neither, I hate maple syrup so I tend to go for the Purdy Farms Boysenberry or grandmas jam


9-Dog person but, I have a cat that picked me so I keep her around too

10-John since Jerry Garcia wasn't an option (: