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Friday, July 30, 2010

Hypocrisy vs Necessity

Some situations are not black and white. Some situations are gray, or at least off white. The difficulty is knowing when things are truly gray or just an excuse to do whatever you want to do.

I am trying to live more sustainably responsible. My goal has never been perfection but for improvement. Some would say I really missed the mark on this one. Perhaps.........but I had my excuses uh...........I mean reasons.

Using less gas and oil is a huge goal for us. We have traded vehicles, I walk and ride bicycle whenever possible. We consolidate errands and carpool with others for occasions. The issue is going anywhere farther than a few miles. Remember my "digestion". The thought of going on a plane is terrifying when I think about the bathroom situation. Long car rides to get to destination has been tried. Literally hitting every public bathroom on the way. I wont go into the times I have had accidents in public.

So LL and I have decided that our best option is a Motor home. The bathroom travels with you:) We found a well taken care of, lower mileage, older motor home that we could afford. The engine is in great shape (at least that is what LL says). The interior is also in great shape, except for the carpet, (at least that is what I say). So whether or not this is hypocrisy, the decision has been made and the work has started.

Kinda cute isn't it?

Carpet is torn out

LL was relieved that the floor was in good shape once the carpet was gone.

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Lynda said...

Konnie, I say if that gets you out into the beauty that is Oregon, I say go for it... It gets you out there and let's you live somewhere besides your house! Wonderful. Enjoy and inhale that wonderful air.