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Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Couple Days Alone

LL was busy during the days while we were in Astoria. My brother Doug and Mom brought Max over after a couple days. Wasn't that nice of them. This left me by myself for two days in Astoria. Never in my life have I been a tourist by myself. It was peaceful and relaxing. But I was ready for my Max when the time came.
I love touring mansions in different cities. Usually I have a husband or a bored kid with me. Not this time. I toured this beauty and took my time. This is the Flavel House Museum. It was built for Captain George Flavel in 1885.
This is the Carriage House.
Next to the Flavel House is the Oregon Film Museum. It just opened up and is not really worth the time or money. Very disappointing. But you might recognise this building that use to be the town jail. It was where the opening scene of Goonies took place. Most of the movie was filmed in Astoria. Along with other movies like Short Circuit, The Ring Two, Kindergarten Cop, Point Break, Free Willy, Into The Wild, and The Road.
I took a ride on this trolley and learned so much about Astoria. I definitely would recommend the trolley ride that takes about 1 hour for the round trip and cost a whopping $1.00:)

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