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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Holy Trinity-Sunday Musings

Whether you're a believer or not. Most everyone has heard of the Holy Trinity. It is God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Three separate yet one. The Catholics call it a Mystery, and it is.

I am a believer. I was raised in the Catholic church. Chose as an adult, the Quaker church. And now consider myself Quaklic. I have chosen to be a believer on purpose, not just am one because I was raised to be. Some would say that is being born-again, I just don't label it myself.

Back to the Holy Trinity. Even though I have put a lot of thought in being a believer, I have not thought a lot about the three separate but one aspects of God. I guess I haven't thought about it too much because when it comes to my life, They are such intricate part of my day to day life. Even when I try to ignore them. But that's another story. I woke up about three this morning worrying. My quarterly check-up is tomorrow. I had the tests last Monday, so tomorrow I find out if they can detect my cancer returning. I don't get much sleep between the two Mondays. I know, it is in God's hands, but it is what it is. Anyway, while worrying at three, I tried to hand it to God like I normally try to do.

You see, my relationship with God is very childlike. He is my dad, especially since my earth dad went to go live with God. So I go to God when I feel fear, need comforting, or am worrying. No going, worrying continued.

Without really being aware of it. I started talking to God, well Jesus. When ever I am just chatting away, you know, like talking to a friend or sibling, it is always Jesus I am talking to. I guess I just don't see God as the chatting type. Maybe because I imagine Him having better things to do. But not Jesus. He always has time for me.

So why am I still awake at 5:00 AM? Well there is someone missing in this awake time.............The Holy Spirit. It, (why is God and Jesus Hims and then I call the Spirit, It?). It or He or She, The Holy Spirit hasn't been talking to me. See that it my relationship with the Holy Spirit. My trusted Advisor. My Councilor. I have talked about my belief that anyone can hear God. Not an audio voice. But nudgings, Senses, and sometimes he screams at you in a non-verbal sort of way. Well that is the Holy Spirit in my life. I haven't been listening to Him lately, and now when I need His comfort and guidance......... well silence. It's just that I am out of practice. This happens when I stop listening (I have done it before). I never seem to stop praying to God, visiting with Jesus, but I often stop listening to the Holy Spirit. And then I can't hear Him.

So here I am, 5:00 in the morning, writing about my relationship with God. See, good things can come from insomnia:)
Well it looks like I am up for good now so Good Morning All and Have a Blessed Sunday!

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