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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Lewis and Clark's Fort Clatsop

The area surrounding Astoria is rich in history. Fort Clatsop is just a few miles outside of town. This is the place Lewis and Clark wintered in 1805-1806. There is a nice visitor center at the fort and also a replica of the winter fort that was build by the notes of the explorers. So it is fairly accurate.

When we first arrived at visitor center we watched a film that told the story of Lewis and Clark's arrival here in the eyes of a native girl who was actually here at the time and her story was written. I was glad to see this. It always troubled me that Capt. Gray was considered the sailor to discover this area and L and C were the first to explore. I don't think the Native Americans ever considered this area lost and in need to be found. The different tribes were the first to discover this area and the whites should of been their guests. But as it is, the Clatsop people opened their homes, fed the explorers, Sacajawea and the men. 33 in all. They helped the explorers prepare for winter. In return, the explorers policy was to not offer the natives food, drink or lodging when visiting the fort. And when the explorers left the winter fort to go back home, they were kind enough it "give" the Clatsop people the Fort. The fort that the explorers build on the natives land. I know, this happened over 200 years ago but this attitude still irks me.
Anyway, we had a wonderful time at the fort and would recommend a visit to it for anyone vacationing in the area.

LL at the visitor center

Max at the path towards the fort

This is a replica of Lewis and Clark's room at the fort.

There were many rooms at the fort. The size of fort and rooms according to the guide are very accurate. I can not imagine 33 people living in such a small area.

Max and I outside the fort.

We were there in time for the raising of the flag. Our country's flag at the time had 15 stars and 15 stripes on it. Who knew our flag looked like this for a while? Oh you knew? Well good for you! But I did not know. I was also told the Star Spangled Banner flag is this model of the flag. Who knew? Oh let's not start that again.:)

This young lady was a wealth of information. And true to form, I had tons of questions like usual.

I probably took much of this man's time with all my questions. I asked questions about the fireplace, the floor, the natives treatment when visiting, etc.

We walked the trail down to where L and C would put their canoes in the river. Here is Max by a replica of the type of canoe they used.

This is the area that the explorers and men would launch they canoes.

I thought the walk around the fort was beautiful. The woods were lush with ferns and native plants. Many of the plants had signs so we could tell what they were.

LL took this picture of Max and I right before we left. LL was a bit grumpy about his picture being taken.
I have a few pictures to share of Astoria and Seaside. Max and I also attended the cute county fair that I want to share about. So a couple more posts about our trip.


Anonymous said...

I took your nephew Michael there when he was 10. One of the guides asked if he wanted to wear a beaver hat. He said no but added he'd wear a duck hat!

angela said...

thanks for sharing, Not living in the states we had heard of the story but only through films and probably not very acurate.

Konnie said...

I am not sure who took Michael. Carolyn? But that is funny!

Anonymous said...

I'm no longer the "littlest fish" but still the youngest.

Konnie said...

Oh, Susan!