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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Local Bounty

The food this time of year is the best. Almost everything I like to cook can have fresh ingredients instead of canned or frozen. In LL's lunch a few days ago, I put in homemade cabbage rolls my mom and I made. The hamburger, ham, sausage, and cabbage, all from Aunt Leone. The tomato juice is home canned and from last year's crop, and although my onions are not big enough yet, the onions in the rolls were grown locally. The only ingredients not fresh or local I can think of were vinegar, rice, salt and pepper. They were delicious.

This is a low sugar cobbler I made for LL. The peaches and blueberries were just picked by me. I don't think he notice the lack of sugar in this cobbler. He sure ate it up:)
I have made apple crisp from my brother's apple tree, a blueberry cobbler from my brother-in-law field, I have made lots of cucumber salads with my cucumbers, onion, tomato's and basil from my garden.
Eating locally this time of year is so easy and delicious. I hope you are able to enjoy the bounty of the season yourself.
One of my favorite blogs written by Manuela has a yummy looking banana bread you make in a crock pot. check it out


Kuusou said...

Wow, the apple crisp looks delicious...I can smell it! LOL.

Manuela@TPOH said...

Yumm, crisp is one of my favorite things to make!

Eating locally is so easy in the summer!