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Monday, August 2, 2010

A more beautiful place in the world I believe does not exist. We are back from four days of camping. I have not downloaded my pictures yet. These are from Bailey's camera.
The view of the lake from our campsite

Kris and Kara at our camp site

My kind of bridge

Bailey and Rett went for a walk up the hills and took this picture of the lake.

Bertie, Bud, and their middle child Bernice.

Rett and Bailey

Gus and Gertie and their dog Gutsy

I have pictures of Kane and Max on my camera and will be posting those later. Cole and I are home for just 24 hrs and are leaving for Astoria for a few days with Max joining us later. The other two kids will be taking care of animals and house. Hopefully the motel has WiFi so I will be able to post most days.

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