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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

They Want To Be FREE..............

Please forgive me if the song Bounce your Boobies offends anyone,  It really is perfect for this post though.  My Ladies don't want to be caged up.  No I am not talking about my chickens.  I am talking about my boobies.  Yesterday, Bailey and I went to Salem to buy me a couple bras.  I have never bought myself a bra................ever.  How could that be?  you ask.  Well, at 47 yrs old, I have always benefited others bad purchases.  My mom, Kris, Bailey.........anyone.  This means I wear anything from a 38B to 34 C.  I have never had one that really fit right.  My preference are sports bras so it didn't matter too much.  But lately my shirts don't work with sports bras and Bailey has been after me to get one that fits.  So to the store we went.

This was an experience I will likely not repeat anytime soon.  We picked four to try on and of course the size was not right. so while waiting topless in the changing room for a long time, Bailey picked out more to try on. We pushed, lifted, stuffed, they use to know where to go, but now they need a lot of coaxing, we finally decided on two. White and black.  But I must say, I hate wearing a bra as much as I hate shaving.  I think in the United States, we have a very unhealthy view of the ladies.  I admire the tribes in Africa, that do not wear anything on top.  It is normal for woman of all ages and sizes, just to let them hang out or down or wherever.  If I could get away with it, I would do the same.  As is, I wait til the last moment possible during the day to put a bra on.  If I am lucky, I might go all day without putting the evil thing on.  Even in Spain, where I was 2 yrs ago, woman of all ages and size were topless on the beach.  It was ordinary and natural.  Here, in the US, the breasts have been so sexualized that no woman goes topless, (it's illegal almost everywhere) and rarely does a woman go out of her home without a bra.  She definitely would stand out. 
I would like to point out that men don't have to walk around with jock straps on all the time.  I would compare their discomfort with mine wearing a bra.

Maybe someday I will be brave enough not to wear a bra and forgo shaving.  I will definitely stand out.  But I would be one happy camper!!  BTW-normally when I shop, I can't wait to get the packages inside the house so I can wear them as soon as I can.  Well my bras are still in the car LL took to work today, and I wouldn't be surprised if in a month they are still in the car.  Seriously Hate the things.  If you live in a different country, let me know your cultures attitude about the ladies.  I would like to know if the US is the only puritan country out there. 

P.S.  I am a 36C :)

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