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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Trying To Live, Not Judge

This morning I was reading one of my favorite blogs. It is written by a lady who has chose to raise her family in a very simple environment.  Yesterday she had shared while on vacation, noticing how many people lived and felt more at peace with her choice of living more simply.  She was not being judgemental.  Just making an observation.  She, today, extended an apology because some commented and defended a more "modern" lifestyle.  I felt bad for her.  She was expressing a relief that she was making the right decision for Her family.  But this has me thinking

I have written several blog posts about living simpler, more green, etc.  Do I come off sounding judgy?  I hope not.  I am trying to be more green.  Driving less, spending less, making do, reusing, and must admit, the plastic issue in the world has me getting mad at myself if I forget my canvas bag at the grocery store.  But even in my own household, I try not to say much to LL and Bailey.  I try to just model better choices.  When it comes to transportation, well I must say when I see the one Hummer that someone owns in town here, I do cringe a little, but a lot of people drive nice, new, large pickups and I choose to just think they are farmers or in construction, which would make those vehicles practical.  My brother David has a beautiful large pickup but travels very far to work and drives his small economy car.  He shares his pickup with anyone in the family who might need to haul something, so there is almost always a place and time for anything.  Including a gas guzzler.  When someone does bring a plastic bag from the grocery store into the house, well it always gets reused.  It's a great way to dispose of my soiled diaper or pack LL's lunch in.  I hope I never get them confused.  Can see me throwing his lunch away, and at noon, LL having a big surprise when he opens the sack.

LL and I live in a large house with a swimming pool.  10 yrs ago when we bought it, we got a great deal.  Now that my kids are grown, we look forward to the housing prices changing so we can afford to sell and buy a 2 bedroom small house with a yard that I can still garden and have my chickens.  Preferably on Silver creek but we'll see.  Downsizing is important to us, as living within our means is and not trying to keep up with the Jones. 

P.S. Forgot to mention Marlin, our RV.  Talk about gas guzzler, but we only use it for distances so I can get out.  Must admit, I did have to debate long and hard about buying it.  But as I said, a time and place for most anything.

But I try not to judge others on their choices.  This is just where I am at now in my life.  But I may sound preachy at times and for that I am sorry.

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Leslie @ Farm Fresh Fun said...

Thanks for sharing this. I am always fighting my preachy tendencies. Mostly I lose and want to pull my foot outta my mouth! ;-)