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Saturday, November 27, 2010

At the risk of further ridicule by my sister and her daughters, I decided to blog about my mundane day, including cooking and my chickens.  When being home bound most the time, my choice is to blog about my ordinary activities, or not blog at all.  So I choose to blog. 

I was at my cousin's house a couple weeks ago.  She has chickens she lets free range for part of the day.  Those chickens looked so happy.  LL and I live in a more populated part of town, so letting them truly range willy nilly is not an option.  But letting them "free range" within our property which is mostly fenced, we decided was a very humane thing to do.  So today, LL made a lower door for the girls to "escape".

We opened it

And out they came.  Eventually.

"Hey Gals, do you think they noticed we left the coop?"  Hannah said.

"I don't know, but let's make a run for it just in case."  Harriet answered

"Girls, we sure can shake are feather's and do the chicken dance with all this room."  Henrietta exclaimed.

While LL was working on the coop, I decided to do a chore I have managed to not do since well before I got sick two years ago.

Cleaning out the freezer.  Now this is not normally the case.  It gets done at least once a year, but last year I didn't feel like it, and all this year, I have been avoiding it.

But cleaned out and organized is what I finally did.

While at it, I decided it was the perfect time to clean out the refrigerator freezer, so.......

Now I feel like a saint.

Remember my new old turquoise shelves.  LL took the back off, which was in really bad shape.

Cut plywood and painted it barn red to put on the back of the shelves. 

It's still drying

Got my turkey carcass going in the stock pot.  I can't say I am not a wasteful person, but when it comes to making the most of soup bones, chicken and turkey carcasses, my mom taught me well.

Simmered it down by half, seasoned it.  Put 3/4 of it in the freezer and decided to make dinner.

Poor LL.  He walked in while the stock was simmering and thought I was making soup.  He loves soup.  But I am the cook and the cook was not in the mood for soup.  So..........

Turkey Pot Pie was on the menu.

My mom and I have in common, our love for pot pies and always trying to find a better recipe.
Year ago, I found the best recipe and used it for years.  But the recipe did not survive the house fire and I have never been able to find it since.

So today's pot pie is made with puff pastry.  It is a recipe that my mom found in a magazine.

I know!  I am trying to eat most my food from scratch.  But I love Phyllo dough and Puff pastry, and I am not a good enough cook to even try to make these from scratch, so get off my back OK! 

Sorry, I am a little defensive about my backsliding on processed foods.  But seriously, get off my back.
So here is my pot pie.  It was very good but definitely the filling I usually use  for my pot pies is better, so next time I will combine the two recipes.

Need to get going.  LL has informed me that we are going to my moms to watch the Beaver's football game.  We don't get it on any of our channels.  So bye bye for now.

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