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Monday, November 29, 2010

Bowed Beau

I have not made any secret about my love for my sweet Beau.  Nor do I make any apologies.  I, in all my life, never have had a pet who has bonded so much with me.  It's a mutual admiration fest.  I love him and he loves me.  But last week, I noticed how shaggy and sad he has been looking, and with the scratching he has been doing the last couple nights in his man cave...........I knew it was time for a grooming
Luckily, I had an appointment scheduled today.  Good thing.  His new groomer is fast, thorough and hard to get into the last minute.

So after I walked him down the street to the shop, I came home and tried to get a few things done.  I kept thinking I was forgetting something or something was wrong.  Then I remembered my trusty companion was not right next to me. 

Rufus was also very sad.  Usually if I say his name, he looks up for a picture.  He wouldn't budge.  He does not like being separated from his partner. 

But two hours later, I walk back to pickup Rufus's and my best friend.

Hard to see, but he has a Christmas bow on his color.

LL always laughs when I take a picture of Beau after he has been groomed.  LL finds it funny that beau makes the best before and after picture because after pictures he always looks like he is smiling.

The groomer said he is so easy to groom.  What I really heard was.......Beau is the sweetest, gentlest, most well behaved and wonderful dog she has ever encountered.  I am sure that is what she meant.

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