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Monday, November 1, 2010

Turquoise On My Mind

When we left for home, I needed to get a couple more pictures, because the morning ended up beautiful and sunny.
Max did great all weekend.  And was really looking forward to going to antique shops.

Max took this of me right before we left.  I can not get enough of the ocean.  So peaceful and awe inspiring.

We had to stop at one shop where I have been eyeing an item.  A step stool like the one my parents had.  The color was different.  I love this color and waited till it was 20% off.  Haven't decided what exactly I will do with it.  But put it in the corner and set one of my lunch pails I collect on it.

Before we left the antique store, I saw this shelf in the same color.  I don't know why I am drawn to turquoise right now, but I am.  This was also 20% off and LL even thought it was a good buy, so we snatched it up.  Next weekend, LL is going to take the back off and paint the  back red to match the knob.  It will also tie in most of my kitchen accessories that are red.

Bailey and I also hung a couple things in the living room.  Well LL did, but we directed him:)  Yes, he was getting a bit impatient with us.  But we know his bark is much worse than his bite, so we got through it.  I have kept the house so sparse over the last few years, so I am not quite use to the decor, but it is getting homier and even Bailey is getting happy with the results.

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