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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Snow Balls to Snow Drifts

My daily blog is not so daily this week.  Things are OK physically with me.  Not a great week, but changing up my diet might already be helping a bit.  So that is something to be grateful for.  I need to start this blog with that bit of good news, because when talking about my week, for the most part it goes south from here.

Have you ever had one of those weeks, well just of few days really, that you see one snow ball coming at you but it keeps accumulating, getting bigger and bigger until you feel you are buried in a snow drift.  It's a snow drift kind of week.  Much is not my story to tell, but I will say this in general terms.  I have gotten into an argument with someone that did not end well.  Someone I care about is dealing with some serious health issues.  My sister who I am guardian of, funding is being cut so deeply that it will negatively effect her life greatly.  Found out another person I care about very much has separated from their spouse, and what normally helps keep my spirits up, photography, has not been happening because either "digestion' or rain.

So here I am up at 3:30, losing sleep over much I have no control over.  What I do have control over, I am already taking care of.  Making sure the person I had words with is doing OK and knows I love them. *check* and sent in the forms and a letter to appeal the financial decisions made for my sister, *check*.  The rest is out of my control.   Prayer and letting God handle the rest is my best plan and will try to leave it at that.  Worrying never helps anything. 

What I have managed this week is odds and ends.  Regular chores, went to Mom's and had lunch with Kris and mom while wine tasting my Aunt Leone's wine.  I always taste them for her before she bottles them up.  She had a lot to try so the three of us did it together, then I had Kane drive me home:)    For today, Kane is coming over and he and I are working on cleaning out and organizing the storage room in the basement.  This is a big job and I so appreciate his help with this.  If I am brave, I might post a before and after picture of the room.  It is so bad down there that I might be too embarrassed to post the before pictures.

Well, I feel like I am not going to go back to sleep, so coffee is brewing and I might as well quietly get a few chores done.  Have a great day and wish me luck with the storage room.  Hopefully, the snow drift will start melting and I will feel dug out in a day or so:)

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