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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Procrastinating Can Pay Off

OK, rarely does procrastinating pay off, but in this case, it did.  I needed to give the coop a good clean out last week.  Well something important came up so it didn't happen.  If you ask me what came up, you have to give me a few minutes to make something up. :(  Monday would have been a great day to get the job done, but I had salmon to make and..........well something else came up.  Again, don't ask me unless you want me to lie.  So today, it had to be done.  Well it's cold out there Pa.  But certainly I can put warm sweats, coat, hat and gloves on and just do it.  But a knight in shining shorts appeared and offered to do it.  OK I asked him, but still, he did it.
Notice how Kane is dressed to get the job done.  Brrrrrr.

The girls are still enjoying their free ranging time.  This spring it will be interesting what will happen after I get my garden in.

I did bundle up and walk to the library to check out some books.  I also today, in keeping with my priority to get my life set up as a hermit, signed up for Netflix.  I know, not a huge deal, but there has been many days where I end up paying late charges because of not being able to leave home to return the dvd or I make LL take it back after he gets home. 

For dinner tonight, I think LL and I are going to go to our local watering hole and use the gift card Rett, Bailey's boyfriend gave us for Christmas.  Mac's Place has a good halibut dish that is safe for me to eat:)  Have a great evening.

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