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Monday, January 10, 2011

Week 2, 2011

Last week was a mixed bag of happenings.  I had a wonderful birthday lunch with my mom, siblings, and Kane.
We went to a restaurant named Wooden Nickel.  Of course we made fun of each other and caught up on what each other was doing.

That evening, I was able to open my gift from my kids.  What a surprise and treat.  My kids pulled their money together, ordered my gift and picked it up that morning.  It was something I was going to save for and hoped to buy for myself in a couple months.  They bought me a KOBO.  It is a e-book.  It came with over 100 classic books already on it, and I will be able to download new books when ever I want.

Saturday, I spent quite a bit of the day with my mom.  LL was at a church retreat, and everyone else was busy.  It was nice not spending the whole day alone.  On the way home, I heard about the shootings in Arizona.  Don't want to talk more about it on this post.  I just can't:(

Sunday, I went with Kris, Karen and Bailey to my sister Kathy's.  She needed a haircut.
She was so excited to see Bailey.  She pretty much could care less that the rest of us were there.

Eventually, Karen and Kris were a tag team cutting Kathy's hair.

After the haircut, Kathy still wanted to be only with Bailey.  Bailey enjoyed her time with her Aunt and was talking about how cute Aunt Kathy was all the rest of the day.
Kathy had to show Bailey her favorite stuffed animal.  Her doggy dog.

Later, Bailey, Max and I went to Mom's and we along with Kara played Scrabble.

Today Beau gets groomed, I am hoping do a lot of cleaning, and tonight is the big Oregon Duck's game.  We will probably all be downstairs eating and watching the game. 

Not sure what Tuesday and Wednesday holds.  Thursday afternoon, LL, Mom, Dave, Aunt Leone and I are going out of town over night and be home late afternoon Friday.

My heart is hurting right now for the victims and families from the shooting in Arizona.  I have lots of thoughts on this, but don't know if I will blog about it later.  I hope you all have a safe and peaceful day.

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