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Friday, January 28, 2011


Hi you all. Yesterday, I spent a bit of time with Kris.  She was doing really well, but was very tired.  Today.......I went to Mom's house and we watch a movie.  The Answer Man.  It was good.  Anything with Jeff Daniels is going to be good.  LL and I went back to my mother's house and watched Big Love which we do not get on cable.  When we got home home, one of Baileys best friends was here and we talked about a class he is doing.  Zumba.  His first class is early, like at 6:00am on Monday.  The first day the business is open.  I am not sure about the new gym itself......but Wesley has been through along with Bailey my chemo, my radiation, my home I.V.'s etc. and knows how challenged I am physically.  His first class is Monday at 6:00 am.  The best time for me when dealing with my "issues", so I am planning on attending his class, along with Bailey and my niece Kara.  So stay tuned.  If I go, and make it through his first class.....It will be big for me.  I am excited.  Don't ask me why.....I just am.

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Kayli said...

I hope this works out well for you!