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Friday, March 25, 2011

Dreams, Who Needs Them!

I know!  Three posts in one morning:) Not wanting to be a Debbie Downer here, but honesty is the best policy on this blog. 

I slept last night.  Would have rather been up all night.  I wish I knew how to control my dreams.  I don't.  Dreams seem irrational for the most part, but sometimes it gives me insights on hidden thoughts and fears.  I kept dreaming all night that my cancer was back and dreamt every scenario you could imagine.  I kept waking up between dreams and would notice a catch or slight pain in my side and would think, *here it is, I have cancer in my side*.  I then would go back to sleep, continue to dream, wake, feel another pain and imagine the worse. 

Then I got up and for the second time in a week, I made the coffee but forgot to put the pot under the drip. What a mess!   Before now, I have only done this a couple times in my life.  So I continued my irrational thoughts and thought, *there it is, I have brain cancer*.  This is about the time LL got up and I told him of my night, dreams and brain cancer.  Well he knows how to deal with me and laughed and basically said my brain has never worked right and I have nothing to fear.

Thanks Honey..............I guess:)

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angela said...

Its just your way to deal with things. Once you had dealt with them they will go away. Its really a better way than to acually have the cancer. Im betting its just an overactive mind and all will be well. sending you lots of love and light.