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Sunday, June 5, 2011


Haven't been able to blog and post pictures for a few days.  Luckily, Bailey's boyfriend Rett could fix the problem for me:)

Friday, I took Beau for his grooming.  Vicky groomed him shorter at my request and put a cute bandanna on him.
Mid afternoon, my sis Kris invited LL and I to spend the weekend in Central Oregon.  So after making sure Kane and Bailey would be around for Max, LL and I threw clothes in a bag and away we went.  What a blessing.  We had such a lovely time and I took lots of pictures.  I decided to post just living breathing beings in this post.  Hopefully other pictures to follow.

Beau spiffied up

Deer on the golf course

Two swans, one sitting in the nest, the other very protective

Bird on a cat tail

My new friend Bandy who entertained me by herding his owners  Caterpillar

This snake made me a little nervous, but at least it's tail had no rattle on it:)

While heading home we saw many deer all around.

Strangest animals of all LL, Steve and Kris

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