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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Adolph and Amelia Staab Family Picnic

When I was young, we did not get together with the Staab side of the family as often as the Purdy side.  But I did see my Aunt Regina, Aunt Roselle sp?, and Uncle Mel and their families alot.  I remember when I was about 6 yrs old going clam digging with Uncle Mel's family and he taking his "Hot Rod" car which is what I thought it was at the time, on the beach, with me in the back seat between my two cousins, and Uncle Mel doing cookies very fast in the sand.  I peed my pants.  I was scared, but I remember he laughing as only a young man having fun could.  Well we got together today not only for a Staab picnic, but also to celebrate my Uncle Mel's 81st birthday.

His two daughters Stephanie and Shannon were the starters for this celebration.  They did most of the planning and provided most of the meat, including fresh oysters which I ate more than my share of.

Then there is my Uncle Marcel.  My heart melts when I am around Uncle Marr, because he not only looks alot like my dad, he sounds like him, and his mannerisms are just like my dad's.  I must admit, the first half hour after he arrived, I stalked him a bit for more hugs, because he hugs just like my dad.  Oh Joy!  I love these men.  My dad considered these two brothers as his best friends, just like my sisters are mine.

Uncle Marcel had three of his nieces who happen to also be his Goddaughters at the picnic, and they all were sure they were his favorite.  Molly, Shannon, and Kris.

Here is a Motley Crew that some you might recognize.

Here is Bailey getting one of those precious hugs from Uncle Marcel
Here is the first generation of the picnic.  All are in their 80's.
Aunt Harriet, Uncle Marcel, Uncle Mel, in back Uncle Carl and my Mom Evelyn.

My mom and her two buddies, Kara and Bailey.  These two granddaughters think the sun rises and sets with their grandma.  They adore her.

And here most of us are.  Oh there are a few missing.  Some from Kansas, many who had to work and some who left us too soon from this world.  But four generations of Staabs.  What a wonderful day.

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