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Monday, February 22, 2010


Being the low tec girl that I am, I feel I am in a foreign land. But since last year (my restart button), I have lots to think over and lots of changes I want to happen. Even if no one reads this blog, this blog might keep me focased and help me live the life I want. I am a 47 yr old woman who has lived a hohum life. Oh big stuff happened to me, but not by choice. Big stuff like 6 years ago I lost my Dad to cancer (Nov. 2003), I lost my mother-in-law who lived with us (March 2004), my house burned down (June 2004) lost all material things, my son who has autism developed a serious mental illness (Aug. 2004).
Seems like huge restart buttons, but I continued sleepwalking through life just letting life happen.
Well last year was really my wake up call that life can be over before you start living it. Feb. 12 2009 my doctors found a huge tumor on my rectum. I have spent the last year with numerous surgeries, Chemo/radiation for 5 weeks and another chemo for 4 months. I am still recovering from my last surgery I had almost 4 weeks ago. I am in remission. I am ready to live life.
I don't mean go on elaborate vacations, bungie jump, leave my husband and live on a commune type life living. No!! I just mean living life with intention. For my recovery, I will be somewhat house bound for many months, perhaps a year or two. So the changes I need are spiritual, my way of relating to loved ones, and yes some activities I have always wanted but put off doing. Some things big and some little changes that are important only to me.
So there it is.........KJ's restart button. CANCER

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