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Living with intention

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hodge Podge 1

Well, What to say about my week so far. Not eventful. No great "Intention" moments. So far.....I have done no walking but I will not feel guilty about it. I have done this so far......

Monday-Visited Kathy my sis, shopped at Winco, dropped groceries off at Karen my sis who just had surgery, dropped off groceries at my moms and came home. Made tacos and corn.

Tuesday-Did 2 loads if laundry, deep cleaned Laundry room and Office. Stayed with my sis Karen who just had surgery. LL went to Blazer game with K. so no dinner needed.

Wednesday-Deep cleaned Big bathroom and small bathroom. While cleaning Big bathroom shower/tub I slipped and fell hard. My hip and shoulder will be very bruised and will see how I feel tomorrow.....Went to Karen's and made and had lunch with her. Matched loads of socks and match lids and plastic containers. Made Quiche, roasted potato's and salad.

I will be taking Karen to Doctor tomorrow.....I want to say more about her surgery and health and will ask her so I can post about it.

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