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Friday, March 5, 2010

Spring Cleaning

The term "spring cleaning" has always given me mixed feelings. I love spring. I love the birds coming back, flowers, the smell of the air. I love the word spring. Hope "springs" eternal. Spring is a positive word that tends to put a smile on my face......And then there is cleaning. The feeling I get isn't warm and fuzzy. I am not one of these people that enjoys cleaning. I don't enjoy getting spots off t-shirts and scuff marks off the floor.

So with living with intention in mind, you would think I wouldn't waste my time deep cleaning my house. Well the thing is, even though I hate the process of cleaning, I love a clean, well organized house. It gives me peace. I relax more and lets face it, my LL is a happier man with a clean house. and when he is happy, or at least not grumpy, I am a happy girl. Now if I was wealthy, I would just hire some people to come and scrub my house from top to bottom. But since my house is large, I can't afford this luxury. So guess what I started this week. Yes......Spring Cleaning.

My cupboards and corners have not been sorted and cleaned for well over a year, since the time I got sick so this was my week.
Monday-Visited my sis Kathy and grocery shopped for the week
Tuesday-emptied, sorted and organized kitchen cupboards
Wednesday-took my mom to denist, finished kitchen and cleaned living room
Thursday-was at hospital for my sis Karens surgery
Friday-swept, mopped, and polished hardwood floor

I worked harder this week then I have in a year and it makes me feel, well not necessarily healthy but I feel not sick. Whoo hoo!! Anyway, the downside is I didn't get much walking in and I ate a lot and probably put on a few pounds. Well I'll deal with that next week.

For the weekend. My LL and I are getting away for part of the weekend. LL likes to gamble so to the casino we are going. Gambling and me are not friends but I will put a few dollars in and drink some wine and watch T.V. in the hotel room. Not too bad of a plan.

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