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Monday, March 1, 2010

Kathy-Gods Precious Flower

Something I use to do before I got sick was to visit my sis, Kathy, about once a week, or at least every other week. This year I have only seen her on holidays and her birthday. I miss her.

Kathy is the oldest in my family. She was born with profound mental challenges and if she was diagnosed today, probably with autism also. She is a handful, but boy what a spirit. Kathy moves twice as fast as me and is probably twice as strong. She isn't very big.

What I love most about Kathy is that there is no falseness with her. When she is happy to see you, you know it. When she is not happy to see you.......boy do you know it. I sometimes wonder what Kathy would be like if she was born typical. I think she would be like Barbara Stanwyck. The Big Valley Barbara Stanwyck, not the Thornbirds Barbara Stanwyck. I just think Kathy would be the ultimate "princess" but a tough as nails princess.

This morning I went to visit Kathy. I "intend" to go almost every week again. She was not thrilled to see me. But if I start going often enough, well, the odds are in my favor that she will be happy to see me again.

I also went to bank, Winco and several other stores, along with walking for about an hour this morning. I have a long ways to go but I do feel my stamina coming back and my "digestion" cooperated. I feel stronger, but my 56 yr old sis could still run circles around me. oh well. God bless my dad's little flower, Kathy.

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