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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday-Bowels Willing

I've decided on Sundays I need to review my week to see if I have improved living with intention and look at the week ahead, make plans and goals.

Well I didn't make any big changes or decisions but I did think through small decisions to make sure I wasn't doing things just out of routine or guilt. Even the length of my walks have been what I wanted and felt like doing at the time. Not some goal I force on myself. In the past if I made a goal and didn't meet it, well I would feel really bad about myself. Not anymore! My goals now are just going to be a tool to use to focus. Not the end. I have a few "goals" already.

1. Go on a few volkswalks this spring and summer.
2. Keep my weight down. (This one will be really hard) The doctors have recommended that I try not to gain the weight I lost over the past year because it will be easier to detect a recurrence of the cancer.
3. Take a cooking class
4. Take a photography class
5. Travel Oregon and the US in a motor home with LL

I have a lot more goals rattling in my head but these are ones that either I am working on or have been wanting to do for quite awhile.

Today I am looking forward to watching the Olympic Hockey finals, and am planning on going to my cousins 40th Birthday party at a local tavern.(bowels willing) Notice I didn't say God willing. I know God is ultimately in control, but lately in my life, it seems "the bowels" is what makes the world go around.

For my plans this week. Well stay tuned for Spring Cleaning, My sis Kathy, and anything else my weird life has in store.

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