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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Beau-My Baby

When did I become one of THOSE people? One of those people that talk to their dog like its their baby. They take their dog everywhere. When they are with their dog, you are thinking,"oh boy, she belongs in the nuthouse". Well I am now one of those people.

A couple years ago I wanted a pet. I wasn't working and my son was doing a little better, so I asked LL for a dog. Being the princess that I am, he said ok and we visited a couple dog pounds. Being the normal person I was at the time, I looked at the dogs at said they weren't the right dogs. After all, the dog I wanted needed to be seen, not heard. Needed to know it's place! My LL's friend at work knew of a dog, her sister was not at home as much as she use to be and she had this dog that was lonely. So my LL and I went to this nice and normal lady's house to meet this dog. He was a sheltie who was well behaved, came to me right away, and this lady and dog had a nice master/pet relationship. "Ok, we will take him".

We took Yoda home and after a couple days of calling him Yoga, Yogurt and every other name but his own, I renamed him Beau. Well we did like each other right away but our relationship has evolved (or should I say devolved) to the point that he is my baby. He is not very sweet, in fact, his personality is just like Joe Pesci. You know, the tough short guy. But with me he is sweet. In fact my LL has said he has never seen a dog that actually looks at someone with adulation. My dog thinks I am perfect and I return the favor. He is perfect to me. I talk to him in that irritating voice and I refer to beau to my children as their brother...No as the bwudder. My poor kids roll their eyes but have given up trying to get me to stop. I have no "intention" of stopping. Beau is my baby and my baby he will remain.

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Marie said...

I love this post!! I too an one of "those" people!! My beagle is So-Co, she is my best friend, she has been through the good the bad and the ugly!!!! She's only 4 years old so she's not been with me from day one of my illness but she had a great teacher, our dalmantian that passed away in October. Now she had been with me since almost day one of my illness and was my very best friend, well other than hubby. Anyway Soie is how I get through good, bad and ugly days!!!