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Friday, February 26, 2010

Coffee Time-Princess and the Pea

I love coffee. Anyone that really knows me knows that I have loved coffee since I was 13 years old. LL, my husband (LL stands for Love of my Life) he never understood why I liked coffee so much until this year.
About the same time as when I got sick, LL gave up soda. For what ever reason, hestarted having a cup of coffee in the morning and now not only does he enjoy coffee, he makes a better pot of it then I do. Now my favorite time of the day is first thing in the morning, before LL goes to work. We drink coffee, watch the morning news and talk about plans for the day. This is precious time for me. Even on days when I was really sick from chemo or radiation, I still would try to get up and have my coffee with LL. I "intend" on continuing this. I love this 20 minutes of the day. Remember I did say living with intention sometimes meant the small stuff.
Well, that brings me to this morning. Last night LL said if I was awake at 5am I was suppose to wake him since he needed to be at work early. So this morning, I wake up, look at my watch, 4:55, and tell LL to wake up, I also say "wake me up when the coffee's ready". He precedes to say "yes princess". He does not say princess like I am a gorgeous goddess whom he feels he should worship, no he says princess like "I can't believe how spoiled you are". Well, this I am use to. I have always been called spoiled. I am the youngest of 6 after all. In many ways my parents did spoil me and it did shape my personality. But I must point out that my dear LL was the youngest of 5 and should know darn good and well that I'm a princess and always will be. But he didn't seem to find humor in the fact that after he called me princess and after a long night of not moving on my back, (remember I have 5 big new scars on my abdomen from surgeries this year) I asked him to remove the damn pea that must be in my mattress. I thought I was hilarious, LL still isn't laughing.

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