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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Not the Donut Walk

When I was younger and in better shape I would walk fast. I guess kinda like power walk. I could easily do 4 miles in an hour. Probably closer to 5. I use to even run. (that's what probably did my Achilles in) Anyway, yesterday I walked 40 minutes and today 45. I am not sure how fast since I was outside, not on treadmill. I would say I walked a moderate speed. About the speed you walk if you walk to the store because you forgot something you need right away. Not the fast speed you walk when your walking to the store when there is a donut for you when you get there.
What I do know is that cancer and treatment has really did a number on my body. I go back and forth with emotions. One moment in tears with anger and fear of the unknown future, and the next moment, determination to get in shape and not let cancer get the better of me.
Something else I know is this; after this year when I am walking, the sun is brighter, the birds song is sweeter, and the just coming into bloom flowers are more beautiful than I could ever have imagined. So it is true that there is positive in difficult circumstances. My past power walks never really filled my spirit like these slower ones. And even if my walks would have been slower in the past, I would not of fully appreciated Gods natural gifts all around. I am starting to appreciate the old corning saying....Stop and smell the roses!

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