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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Watching my pennies

This picture just tickles me and had to put it here in my blog.

Busy Weekend. Did nothing exciting but LL and I got quite a bit done. Our little chicken coop got much need repairs and is almost all painted. Will show pix when done. I baked brownies and banana nut bread. Went to grocery store and used a lot of coupons.

Which got me thinking.......Times are getting hard for most people and LL and I are definitely having to watch our money. This last year, even though we have medical insurance, we are feeling the squeeze with the economy the way it is, along with our copays for daily radiations, chemos, doctor appointments and larger copays for surgeries, gas to get to appointments, added expenses that come from me not cooking, baking, and shopping and on and on.

Anyway...I was wondering as I was planning my grocery shopping, when did we get so wasteful? It has been a long time since I really watched our spending. We have never been well to do but over the years we have been more comfortable and with that, less responsible with where our dollars were going. It kind of makes me embarrassed. I believe in simple living. I believe in conserving, using what you need, not always what you want. Being mindful of our planet and leaving less of a footprint.

So with that said, I "intend" on being more responsible. We may do without once in a while, but what's wrong with that? We already have cut about $90 out of our monthly expenses. But we can do more. I definitely will post my progress. Got to keep myself accountable, and it does my heart good to do so.

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