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Friday, April 30, 2010

Bento and The Tale of the Pail


The Tale Of The Pail

Well it all started on Monday. Notice when I start a story with "well it all started" I never come out looking too good:( Anyway, it all started on Monday. LL mentioned I should get him a lunch box instead of him taking his lunch in a sack. He said the soft thermal kind. Well I can do that. So on Wednesday I went to Fred Meyer. Looked at their selection and bought this ugly brown one. Yesterday, before I packed LL's lunch, I showed him it. He said it was OK. So I take the tags off, wash it, pack his lunch up and zip it up. As he is walking out the door I say, "don't forget your lunch." He grabs it and looks again at it. I say "What?" He says "it looks girlish". Well first of all he could of said that before I altered it to the point that I can not take it back. Second, it is this ugly brown and something I so wouldn't buy for myself so I give him the look like You are so wrong. You know the look. So off to work he goes with the ugly brown cube.

So what is the first thing that happens when he gets out of the car and is walking across the parking lot? Some Joker, and that is not the word I am using in my mind. Some Joker yells across the parking lot, "Hey! What is that? A man's purse?" So OK! LL wins. He was right..........this time. But it is a really ugly brown. Did I mention it also had this pretty powder blue trim. HeHeHe. So I would post a picture of it, but you would so side with LL and that would be the end of yours and my relationship:(
And now
Monday's bento I just did your basic left overs. Baked Tilapia with a sauce on top. Underneath is green beans. I made two shapes of rice balls, one a disk and the other a triangle. Cucumbers, carrots, celery, ranch dip and chocolate chip cookies for the rest.
Tuesday and Wednesday I did not make bentos. LL took me to doctor on Tuesday, and Wednesday I hadn't been to store. Today, Friday, no bento also. LL had to be at work before 3 am this morning and will be home for lunch. But for Thursday.............
Left over pad thai with ham, grapes and strawberries with yogurt dip, (my strawberry rosettes turned out a little better this time), and a salad with cucumbers and grape tomatoes I made to look like lady bugs. I got the idea from a bento blog. Can't find it to link right now but will try to later.
The lady bugs are made by using grape tomatoes and cutting nori into shapes, softening up the nori with water and then attaching it with a little oil. I think they are cute, and when LL saw it, he just smiled at me. Oh what he puts up with.


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving me a comment on my "orange nut" wall...LOL! Have a blessed day.


christyd said...

I love the lady bugs! I am going to have to make them!

Leanne said...

What is nori?

I love the lady bugs.

Love Leanne