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Monday, April 5, 2010

Family Blessings

Belonging to a big family can be a mixed bag. There are definite challenges when it comes to being a member of a large boisterous family. Double it when you marry into another large boisterous family. I have both. The challenges are that you have more personalities to deal with. You have two, three, sometimes a half a dozen points of view on subjects and everyone is sure that they are completely right. You have more temperaments or losses and more sorrows. also have more joys, more laughter more help in stressful times and most important, more prayers. With Easter just passed I am reminded how lucky I am. Yesterday, brunch was at my house. Everyone brought something to eat. I was up most the night and all morning having "digestion" problems. My two sisters made waffles and helped get the food on the table. My brother scrambled 3 batches of eggs. What a relief it was to know they were coming early and would help me.
My sis K. and brother D. help making brunch
With that being said about "my side" of the family. My LL's side are just as helpful. When I was having surgeries and treatments, they kept my freezer pretty full of casseroles. They were at the hospital praying for me, and just today my niece J. came from out of state to help me deal with an important meeting that is very important for my family. She stayed after the meeting and visited so my day wasn't as long or isolated. On hard day's like yesterday and today, I am reminded how blessed of a girl I am. I need to be reminded from time to time that yes what I am going through is rough, but there are people in this world going through the same trials without the help of such a lovely family I have on both sides. God really is good:)

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