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Monday, April 19, 2010

Grocery Savings

This week I went to 3 different grocery stores. Here is what I did............

This is what I purchased at Safeway. A few things were not on sale but were needed. To pay regular price would of been $46.15, I paid $30.90. I saved 33%.

This is what I bought at Roths. They were having a meat sale so I bought 2 pkg of steak, 2pkg of salmon burgers, and 1 pkg of chicken nuggets. The ice cream was also a good price. On the right it is hard to see but there is 2 loafs of their fresh baked english muffin bread and various produce. To pay regular price it would of been $59.58. I paid $36.67. That is around 40% savings.

But the really good deal was at Albertsons this week...............

This is what I bought. 5 boxes of life cereal, 5 boxes of life with Cinnamon cereal, 5 boxes of Capn Crunch, 5 boxes of flavored instant oatmeal, 5 boxes of granola bars, 2 pkg of hot dogs, cilantro, and cucumbers. Regular price is $111.30. I paid $30.23. That is over 70% savings.
So here is the total. I bought $217.03 worth of groceries. I paid 97.80. I saved over 55%. Had I not needed a few things not on sale, I would probably of been closer to my 60% savings goal. Oh well better luck next time. But I did do well and my son and daughter are loaded up with their favorite cereals:)

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