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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Home from the Hospital

Well now I did it. I had to be admitted into the hospital on Thursday and just got home today. When I say I have "digestion" issues, I wasn't kidding. Now, because of the damage they found, I have to be on a very restrictive diet probably for the rest of my life. In the big scope of things, I know that it is a relatively small price to pay for being alive but it still makes me sad.

This was a big wake up call to pay attention to everything that goes in my mouth. I was in a lot of pain and had to undergo several unpleasant tests. I am lucky they did not have to do another big surgery although I am not out of the woods for surgery in the future. Still, as lucky as I know I am and thankful that mine and others prayers were answered, I can't bring myself to feel happy or joyful. Instead I am just tired, frustrated, and thankful to be alive. So to anyone who reads this and to God who created me.......Thank you.

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