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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Back in the Saddle

Although I should take it a little easy this week after being in the hospital last week, I feel the need to be productive.

Yesterday.........I didn't take it easy so to speak but didn't do my normal household chores. I kept busy by going to the salon to get my hair cut and colored. Walmart to pick up items needed for my coupon binder and spent hours sitting and putting binder together. I then spent a big part of afternoon picking up my new glasses and going to target with B. to pick up a item on sale.
Coupon Binder..........The more I am getting into couponing, the more organized I need to be. My envelope system was fine when I had just a week or two coupons but now that I have about 6 weeks of coupons stored, I knew I needed a system so I could easily find and store the coupons. I am actually enjoying the process of couponing. It's like being a detective or on a scavenger hunt. It's fun to buy something I need on sale say for $3, use an instore coupon for $0.50 off, use a manufacture for $1.00 off, add a double coupon and I have just bought an item worth $3 for just 50 cents. This is just an example but if it is a needed item a person can save a lot if they have the time. Well I do have the time so I look at this as a hobby. Other people ski, coin collect, etc. which sometimes cost money. My new hobby actually saves us money, and I can do it at home which is my only option for the most part. So even though to some, my having a coupon binder might seem strange, to me it is a tool, not unlike a tool for a woodcarver if that was my hobby. Anyway, here is some pictures of my new system.
This is the outside where I will keep
scissors, pencils, calculator etc.

The inside has a place for instore
ads and I put in trading card sleeves
where the coupons actually go.
Tabbed Dividers keep things
organized like Baking, Cereal and
so on.
Today........I am getting a slow start but I am somewhat back in the saddle. I need to go to grocery stores to get the really good sale items that go off sale tomorrow. (I didn't do this earlier because of being in hospital) and then my plan is to come home and start on chores I should of done yesterday and get today's things done. Baking something is also a goal as I had nothing to put in LL's lunch today.

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