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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Grocery Shopping

Today, I went to one grocery store, Roths IGA, and one pharmacy, Rite Aid. Since Roths is locally owned they don't breakdown how much you save as nice as Safeway so my percentage of savings will be a guestamate. At Roths I bought basics like 2 loaves of bread, 2 gal. milk, both on sale and coupons. 3 box's of potatos au graten on sale and 3 coupons, canned vegetables 3 for $1, paper towels, etc. all having coupons. The really good savings this week was for chicken breasts 99 cents a pound. I bought 2 pkgs (the limit) about 8lbs. I also had to buy a few needed items that I did not have coupons for such as produce and tortillas. At Rite-aid I bought 4 of my husband's favorite cereal which is normally expensive, enemas which I need for when I see doctors, (sorry TMI) and the expensive dishwasher soap. I had coupons for all. By my guestamation I bought a little less than $100.00 of groceries for around $47.00. So I saved at least 50%. This was without a lot of planning because of not feeling well so I know I can do better. Stay tuned.

Doesn't look like a lot but the cereal and chicken
breasts are normally big ticket items.
Normally don't buy expensive packet type dish-
washer soup but it was normally almost $4, on
sale for 2.99, I then used a coupon for $1 off so
I got it for less than $2. Cheaper than the off

My LL is not a big chicken eater but when he
does he prefers white meat so when I can get
chicken breast at 99 cents a pound, I like to buy
the limit and freeze in smaller containers.
Tomorrow the sales change and I am hoping to put in more planning time. Plus my storage shelves are starting to fill so I will start to buy only very good sale items along with coupons, and needed items I can't wait to get. We'll see how it goes but my goal when I get good at this is to pay only 20 to 40% for groceries. I am not at about 50%.

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