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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

RED LETTER DAY-Bento book 1

I ordered 2 bento books on line weeks ago. I was about to give up on them when low and behold, one came in today. I got a e-mail saying the 2nd book is delayed. Anyway, I can not be the only one in the world who enjoys getting something UPS, or in the mail that I ordered. It is even better when it is a book. I love books. I have a hard time getting rid of a good book after I have read it. Well today when I was trying to get chores done I suddenly remembered to check the front door in case it came and it was lying there. Whoo Hoo! Ok, this is about the time you say this girl needs a life. All I have to say to that is.........well duh! That's the whole point about finding a life within the confines of my home for the most part.
So remember I had said I get a disturbing amount of enjoyment making lunches. And I really like to make them attractive. Well this book is to help me with ideas and technique. This particular book is a little kiddish but has a section with more adult bentos. The 2nd book that I am waiting on will have more adult bentos with more American foods. But I love this Japanese style bento book and will learn a lot from it.
Are these not the prettiest lunches? My poor husband will definitely half to eat in the car. Just kidding, he is confident enough not to let his wife's weirdness ruin his lunch and day:)

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