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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Life of a Goldfish-Just call me Dory

There is a condition that us cancer survivors call Chemo Brain. I have it. It has almost been 6 months since I finished my last chemo sessions and although I am clearer headed now, I have not recouped a lot of my scatter brain and forgetfulness. I am like a goldfish in many ways. I can start a project and see something shiny:) and off I go and never get back to the project. When I worked I kept a day planner and I started using it again for the most basic daily tasks. This really helped. But I didn't like using the thick leather bound binder, so I made "Konnie's Household Management" system with the help of using a lot of forms I found on the Internet. Here is the system.

The first tab is Monthly Calendar. This is the place I put all my appointments and events.
Next tab is Weekly planner. Pictured here. This is where I plan my week and day. When I get to the time that it says Daily chores I go to next tab.........

This is my daily chores form. I have it in a plastic sheet protector and use a dry erase pen to mark when completed. I know this seems very basic but I really have a hard time staying on task and this helps. After daily chores are done I have the chores that should be done once a week in the next tab...........

This is Wednesday weekly chores. I have one for every day of the week that concentrates on different rooms. This is in sheet protector also so it can be reused. After weekly chores I have a tab for food which has our menu for the week, grocery list and my food journal for me to keep track of what foods bother me. I did not take pictures of these. Next tab is Monthly chores..............

I have this broken down to week 1, week 2 and so on. This is for the deep cleaning and chores that only need to be done once a month. Again this is in plastic sleeve. After that I have tabs in this order, Outside/Garden, Event Planning, Address/Phone #, and Projects.
I have used this system for three weeks now and it is helping me immensely. I find I keep my house clean with less time, I don't miss appointments and I just do not feel as overwhelmed.

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Leanne said...

Hi Thanks for stopping by on our blog & saying hi.
Nice to meet you!
I could do with one of those folders.... as my personality I jump from one task to another oh my!

Love Leanne