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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bento-ing away

Today I went and did some bargain shopping when it comes to the groceries and deals. I will blog about my savings later but I have to show you my great find. First things first. I will show you my LL's lunch from yesterday.
Egg salad sandwiches, salad and carrot sticks with
ranch dressing and BBQ chips and brownies I
made the day before. Kinda cute.................anyway to my real find. I have been looking on-line at bento materials, some made here and some you have to order from Japan. The cost is terrible. The shipping alone is ridiculous. Well today I went to do my really good deal grocery shopping but stopped at a couple other places. This is what I found.
Since my LL doesn't always bring containers back home I will not buy expensive Bento Box's for him. So at the dollar tree I found affordable containers, Whoo Hoo SHOUT OUT TO LAURA!! that I can pack his lunches in. Plastic toothpicks to skewer veggies (they are really cute) plastic pick forks both these come in packages with lots of colors. At Hi-School Pharmacy they have all Easter items 50% off so I bought a set of two flower containers for dips, egg cups that I will also use as dips, Letter cutters that come with playdough, I will use the cutters and give my great nephew's the dough, Egg hats that I will really embarrass LL with in his lunch :). And lastly, at thrift store I bought a used set of mini cookie cutters about 20 of them that also come with a rolling pin. I will use these to cut out cheese and veggies, two country looking baskets which I will store on my counter with bento cutters etc. I bought all this for a little more then $11.00. I think I did good and I will have a lot of fun packing LL's lunches in the mornings. To his shame:)

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