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Thursday, April 22, 2010


My taste has changed. I don't mean my taste in clothing, or decor for the home. I mean my actual taste buds have changed over the last year.
My husband and sister are known for their sweet tooth. My sister is especially partial to anything sugar. A few months before I was diagnosed with cancer, I went to Spain with my sisters. We would be at a restaurant and I would finish every bit of my meal. Not Kris, she looked like this petite little eater. But then come back to our room and eat her weight in chocolate. And me being the loving supportive sister that I am, I have done nothing but mock her about this. Well no more.
I don't know when exactly it happened but slowly over this past year, blame it on the cancer, chemo, or whatever, but I have developed an uncontrollable craving for sweets. It does not help that I also like to bake. It would be like a drug addict know how to make crack. I know how to bake. So this is my week so far................
Monday's Mouthwatering chocolate chip cookies

I ate 3 of them while they were still warm. I then put the rest in the freezer for lunches this week. But I wasn't done. About 7:30 in the evening the craving hit. I made my daughter, who was already in her jammies, get dressed and go to the store to pick up hot fudge and caramel sauce. I then poured them over french vanilla ice cream and wait for it.........Topped it off with two chewy chocolate chip cookies. Well, I have not ate a single cookie since. So what's the problem? The problem is......................

Tuesday's Tasty Tangy Lemon Cake

You know the one, the lemon cake that you bake and while it is still warm you poke holes in it and pour 1/3 c lemon juice mixed with 2cups powdered sugar. This is my favorite cake. I shouldn't of made it. I didn't have a reason. It wasn't my birthday, or any other special occasion. I just did it OK! So now I have cookies in the freezer and a cake on the counter. Enough is enough right? Well it all started when on Wednesday I went to visit Kris. You know the sugarholic. Well we were having coffee and I noticed she had an over ripe banana sitting on the table. I had an identical one sitting on my table at home and you know what 2 bananas equal?.......................................

Wednesday's Wonderful Banana Bread

Now I could of put nuts in it. I can't eat nuts on my low residue diet. But I don't trust myself anymore and know nuts or not, I was eating banana bread. I am so out of control. I am on my way to becoming diabetic.
My sister says I am still an amateur, but says I have seen the light. I think I have gone to the dark side:(


Manuela@TPOH said...

Those all look delish, especially the lemon cake!


Anonymous said...

Konnie, I thought it was my surgery or being in Spain that made me start liking sweets but you cleared it up it is Kris.... I can't leave milky ways alone..... YEP it's KRIS... darn her anyway karen