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Thursday, April 22, 2010

30 Day Challenge

I have developed some habits over the past year that are not entirely good for me. NO Not eating sweets. That's just crazy talk! While being sick on the couch so much with surgeries, radiation and chemos, I watched a lot of T.V. I mostly watched the Food Network because it did not require me to keep track of a plot. I know Rachel says Sammies, EVOO, and Stoup. I know Giada pronounces spaghetti and pasta funny, I know Paula uses an absurd amount of butter, and I just like the Barefoot Contessa.

I am well now and needing to get on with life. Even if it is in the confines of my home a lot of the time. So I need to make a game out of it. That's how simple-minded I am.

For 30 days I will not watch T.V. I will break this habit of mine. This means if someone wants to watch tv where I am at, I leave the room. Or if I want to be with that person like coffee time with my LL, and he turns on the news, I will need to be reading something. And I will reevaluate this if it becomes a problem.

After 30 days I will reward myself. I am wanting to buy a bike or camera but these are really spendy and I am not curing cancer for goodness sake. So it needs to be cheaper but something I really want. Wait for it......................

An authentic Bento Box. Maybe even from Japan. That's my plan.

Think of all I can do with the extra time. I could bake more.....oh well maybe that's not a good idea. But I could do yard work, read more, make jewelry, visit friends (if my "digestion") allows, and do even everyday type things. Like taking the time to do my hair and makeup even when I am staying home. Shaving my legs, well lets not get carried away:) Anyway, today, later I will post day one about how it went.

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Anonymous said...

Konnie I just Love you, and you oh so crack me up!!! of course a couple days ago you have me all teary and choked up, but I love you anyway. I can't help myself....Karen