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Friday, April 23, 2010

No TV-Day 2

Not turning on the TV is not difficult for me. Nor is not watching during the day when I am home alone. But something happens when I am with someone. So much of our life revolves around what's on TV. Did you watch this? Are you going to watch that? Come look at this.
I could just watch less TV. I guess that would be less silly than a 30 day challenge. But knowing myself, and knowing how quickly I slide back into poor habits, I wanted to do something a little more drastic. My timing is not by accident. Doing this right before summer when there is more healthy things to do is a good plan. I want to garden, fish and visit with friends. Not plant my bottom down routinely to watch some ho hum show that does nothing but numb my mind. I did that for over a year. I needed to do that for over a year. But no more.
Living with intention to me means living the highest quality of life I can. I am limited, yes, but I want to live life, not watch some interpretation of a life on the TV. So hopefully I make it through the 30 days and treat myself to the Bento Box.
Today, besides working around home, I reconnected on-line with some friends from Weight Watchers. I went to Goodwill and bought myself some clothes. Then the library, and cleaned the chicken coop. I read and when LL got home we talked while sitting in a quiet house. We went and scoped out our local fishing hole where we intend to fish this weekend, and finished by visiting my mother. Much of these things would not of happened had the TV been included in my day. So for Day 2, it was a success.

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Heather Cameron said...

Excellent! Good for you. That sounds like a perfect day. I've worked from home for years, and my rule has always been no tv during the day. Now, with a toddler, I don't really see any at night either.