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Friday, April 23, 2010

A Day Late, A Dollar Long

Earth Day got me thinking......I know I am a day late.

I am an American, and as an American I am very aware that we can be a wasteful nation. Don't get me wrong, I am including myself. I am also an Oregonian, and as an Oregonian, we tend to think of the environment often. Which means I am wasteful, but am trying always to do better. I try to compost, recycle, reuse, and when running errands, I try to go local whenever possible and consolidate my car trips. Now that I feel better and the weather is improving, I plan to walk to places when possible. This brings me to what I really want to talk about.

My favorite store reopened. In November there was a fire and it had to close. It opened up yesterday and I am so happy. The store is Goodwill. I love thrift stores. I generally hate shopping but I love finding good deals on items that still have some use in them. Since I lost a lot of weight with the cancer, I have been trying to find jeans that fit. I am a casual girl and seldom buy fancy dresses or suits. Who am I kidding. I have never bought a suit in my life. Anyway, I have a hard time finding pants that fit. I do not possess the lovely figure most women have. A small waist and round hips. No, think of a 13 yr old boy and that's pretty much how I am build. So when Goodwill reopened I just had to go and see if I could find some jeans. Well....................I didn't. But what I found was better. Cargo pants. They are perfect for someone like me. Larger in the waist, sometimes with a draw string and narrower in the hips. If its too baggy in the hips it doesn't matter because lots of people wear it that way. So I found two pair. One an old navy and I am not sure of the other.

I also found a couple sleeveless tops. Ones a little big but I am just wearing them at home for the most part.

The best part of the pants is that there is room for when my "digestion" starts up and I have to wear a diaper...........Ummm I mean Undergarment:) I love recycled clothes. I can afford new but why, if you can find it used and still have life in it. If you have never shopped thrift stores, try it you may like it.

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