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Friday, April 23, 2010

LL's Lovely Lunches

I made LL 4 lunches this week. Thursday he ate out. By Bento standards, they are nothing special. But by Konnie's standards, I did dang good. I do not possess my fathers artistic ability.
Low standards or not, I am going to be brave enough to show you this weeks lunches.

Monday-Flowery Bento

Ham sandwich with heart and flower cheese on top, veggies with a cute chick cup full of ranch and chips and salsa.

Tuesday-Strawberry Rosette Bento

My first attempt at making strawberry rosettes. I think I need to practice. Turkey sandwiches, strawberries with vanilla yogurt dip, and chocolate chip cookies.

Wednesday-Bug Eyed Balls Bento

My first attempt at making rice balls. My husband said they took a lot longer to heat up than the meat, so next time I will make them smaller. Steak with lemon herb sauce, Rice balls with olive eyes, Octopus dogs, corn and beans. Strawberry, grapes and orange with yogurt dip, and veggies with dip and deviled eggs. Most was leftovers from the night before.

Friday-Veggie Skewer Bento

I just think these picks with heart tops I got at the dollar store are the cutest. Tuna sandwich, hard boiled egg, grapes. Skewers with cucumbers and carrots, celery sticks and ranch dip. And of course, lemon cake.

I know this seems like a weird hobby I am getting into but it is fun for me. It is somewhat practical and my husband doesn't seem to mind. Well, not that he would dare to say anything anyway. He does like a happy wife:)

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Jayme, The Coop Keeper said...

Well, doggone it, now I want to do this! It's absolutely adorable! I love your blog, I've got to get you on my sidebar pronto!