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Monday, April 26, 2010

No TV-Day 4 Sunday

HERE FISHY, FISHY, FISHY........................

So we heard conflicting reports on whether they stocked the local reservoir down the road from us. Well, I am pretty sure they did not. We got skunked. But so did everyone else at the lake, so will try again later in the week.

We got out a little late, about 8:00

Oregon ducks, Not the college team but the original. Couldn't get a closer picture unfortunately.

LL yelling at me to quit taking a picture of him. Isn't that sweet:)

Now you might ask why I am wearing that ridiculous hat. Well I don't rightly know. All I do know is that my Grandma, who was the best fisherman I know, always wore a straw hat while fishing. Now days I could just wear sunscreen but in honor of my Grandma Agnes, who has been gone for 34 years, I wear this ridiculous hat.

Came home after a couple hours. I made french toast and bacon. LL did yard work and I wandered around having a hard time focusing on anything. I wasn't feeling well. Anyway, went and visited my mom, went for a walk, came home and put the wicker furniture that was painted the day before back on the balcony.

We took son M. on a car ride scoping out camping sites. Came home and made a dinner of Tilapia and rice. Read and went to bed early.

Weekends are definitely more of a challenge without TV, but I made it through the first weekend. Back to the weekday routine:)

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Anonymous said...

Grandma would be so proud, she would be pissed you got skunked, she of course would think 8:00 was too late to start fishing... Loved the hat... I don't know how the fish could resist you.... Love Karen