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Saturday, May 15, 2010

My Enabler

Yesterday, before I could work on my garden or go to the funeral, I needed to pick up my mom and go to my Aunt Leone's. My aunt is a farmer. She leases out most her land now, her son farms some of it. She raises beautiful fruit, vegetables and eggs for the farmers market up towards Portland.

Aunt Leone is my supplier. She supplies me with my starters for my garden every year(this year I am doing a few starts because I am trying to stagger garden) and she supplies me with my chickens. Yes, I have already replaced Heloise. Hey! Don't give me a bad time. 2 chickens will not supply my family enough eggs. I mourned and then moved on. I will introduce you to Hannah in another post. So below is a picture of my mom and my supplier. My mother calls her my enabler. Guess which ones which.

They both look thrilled to be getting their picture taken, don't they?

Her chicken coop. She has a second one with this year layers around the corner.

I planted a lot of my garden after I got home. Went to the funeral. Worked some more in my garden, and then went fishing.

Look how gorgeous the lake was last evening.

We only caught 2 trout, but it was enough for dinner last night. yum!
Beau thoroughly enjoyed himself basking in the sun.
By the way, today is a big day in town. Our little farmers market opens and it is time for the Pet Parade! My little town puts on a parade that anybody from the community can be in with their pet. In the parade there is dogs, cats, chickens in wagons, ponies, horses, a goat or two and many more animals. It is so fun. B. and her boyfriend said they were going to take Beau and Rufus in the parade. So I guess I better parole Rufus and let him out of the dog house so to speak. I better remind B. to make sure he is before the chickens in the parade or we might have an incident. Rufus will get quite the reputation. Hopefully they will do this and I will post pictures. Well I want to work in the garden for an hour or so before the parade, and I need to brush and gussy Beau up. Rufus is on his own. Maybe I haven't quite forgiven him yet. Hopefully "digestion" will cooperate and I can attend the parade. See ya later:)

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